Miele S4210 Carina Lightweight canister vac for bare floors


Great job cleaning bare floors

Above-average dust emissions control and reliability

High-quality construction

Suggested for allergy sufferers




Does not have powered floor brush

Weighing only 14 pounds, the Miele S4210 is one of the lightest canister vacuums, still users report it does a terrific job on bare floors, without spewing out dust back onto the floor. The light load makes it handier to carry up an down stairs. Owners refer to terrific emissions control and above-average reliability , quality construction and user-friendliness. Because this vacuum does not come with a powered floor brush, it's actually intended mostly for bare floors (a powered brush is obtainable as an accessory). It additionally has a telescopic wand.

The Miele S4210 Capella (around $400), Antares ( around $500), Sirius ( around $460) and Carina ( around $400) employ the similar base canister unit and motor. They simply fluctuate by color and the sort of typical floor tool they ship with. This Miele canister vacuum is referred to by ConsumerGuide.com and is given a number of comments from users posting to Amazon.com.

Assessors concur that the canister vacuums in the Miele S4 series do a good job on bare floors, without discharging dust back out. Weighing 14 pounds, the Miele S4210 is one of the lighter canister vacuums on the market, effortless to carry up and down stairs. This canister vac is also commended for its above - average dependability, low dust discharge, design quality and being easy to use. The rival (and very much less costly) Hoover WindTunnel S3765-040 ( around $250) is also rated highly, except it weighs 8 pounds more. Nevertheless, the Hoover has a powered brushroll which makes it better for vacuuming on rugs and carpets.