Hepa Vacuum Cleaners


HEPA Vacuum cleaners come in two fundamental styles, canister and upright . The upright HEPA vacuum stands by itself and is a single unit, a few with or without an attachment hose to clean hard to reach areas with specialized vacuum tools. All upright vacuum cleaners have a propensity to leak more dusty air back into the environment. Also, because the rug beater bar is permanently attached to the vacuum cleaner case, the vacuum cleaner is almost useless if the beater bar stops working.

HEPA canister vacuum cleaners have a smaller, typically more powerful, compact designed case that will roll along and follow behind you as you vacuum the floor, carpet, furniture or upholstery. A long hose is attached to canister vacuum cleaners so you can get to those hard to reach spots with the numerous vacuum tools that are to be had for them for effortless cleaning of most any surface. The rug beaters, also known as power nozzles, are detachable from the canister type vacuum cleaner units. They are frequently a great deal more powerful then the ones found on uprights. This is for the reason that they are powered by their own separate electric motor. If a power nozzle breaks down on a canister vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner can still be used to clean many different kinds of surfaces while the power nozzle is being repaired or replaced.